A1 Team Germany recorded its best result of the season in Mexico, as Timo Scheider claimed fourth in the main race of round nine of the World Cup of Motorsport.

Second fastest time in morning warm-up, and an eight place result in the shorter sprint race, both achieved on used tyres, provided the springboard for Scheider's feature race effort, especially as a gain of four places showed that it was possible to pass on the otherwise slippery Fundidora Park circuit.

Fitting new tyres for the start of the feature, the German again made up two places at the start, and sat in sixth position when the team called him for his mandatory pit-stop on the third lap. The team then fitted a set of used tyres, which proved to be the right choice as they provided Scheider with constant grip throughout the rest of the 36-lap race.

"We got the tip that used tyres pay off over the distance on this track from a Champ Car driver, and David Sears' team made an excellent pit-stop, so I have to give many thanks to the guys for this," Scheider said.

The pit work, combined with the speed of the German car, saw the DTM returnee up into fourth place on the eleventh lap, which he held to the finish after giving vain chase to Neel Jani's Swiss entry.

"I'm delighted for the entire team in achieving our best result to date," Scheider continued, "After our mediocre qualifying, we improved the car overnight, which was clearly visible with second position in the warm-up.

"We were able to reduce the big oversteer and, at the same time, the grip level increased as more rubber went down on line. It speaks volumes for the A1 Grand Prix concept that you can catch up with the leading group relatively easily from the midfield."

For team owner Willi Weber, the result was something of a relief.

"Finally, everything went smoothly on race day," he said, "Fourth place is our best result to date, and a result which the entire team also deserves. A better finish would have certainly been possible from a better grid position, but I hope that this is the beginning of an excellent dash for the line for A1 Team Germany in the closing three races of the year."



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