Team Pakistan returned to the A1 Grand Prix action in California for the first time since South Africa, with the team looking to build upon the four points that have left them down in 22nd in the championship.

Having injured his hand in smash around the streets of Durban, Adam Khan was back in the car for Laguna Seca and emerged from the first practice session in 19th, having had no experience of the Californian circuit before.

The difficult conditions he experienced though gives him hope that he can haul his car into a better position for qualifying. "The track was quite dirty which wasn't the easiest of conditions to relearn the car," the British-based driver said. "I was just getting a feel for the car and what it can do.

"I didn't want to push too hard - there's no prize for testing times but I'll be pushing a bit harder tomorrow. The track was exciting as I expected but there were a few corners that could catch you out - you lose grip very quickly. I'm happy with today - basically feeling my way around."



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