Team Pakistan have set their sights on points in the final round of the A1 Grand Prix Championship in China, after an encouraging 14th place in qualifying.

Teenager Adam Khan is looking to end the year on a high in what he is considering his home race, with his 'second' mother and long time family friend Madam Zhang, daughter of the former Mayor of Beijing coming to the race to watch him.

However, Khan is convinced he could have been high on the grid. "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow," Khan said. "I've got the pace and am looking for points in the races. It was a shame I got caught out in the middle sector of my last try - if I'd done another time like session three I think I'd have been up around eighth.

"Tomorrow's what matters. I've shown that I always finish higher than I started and I know I've got the pace to overtake. The first race tomorrow counts - effectively it's qualifying for the 'big one'."



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