John Surtees has confirmed that Team Great Britain have ditched Arden from running the squad after claiming that they were not getting the subsequent attention needed to win the A1 GP Championship.

Following the inaugural season, where Great Britain proved one of the front runners, the team managed an impressive third place in the championship overall but, crucially, came away with no win to their name.

Indeed, while team principal Surtees admits that he is pleased with their end result, he feels that Arden were not able to concentrate fully on A1 GP due to their substantial interests in GP2 and being part of the Red Bull Formula One team.

"We were pleased with third overall," said Team Principal John Surtees, "but you go racing to win, not come third. There's no doubt that we were beaten by two extremely good teams, but Seat Holder Tony Clements and I felt that A1 Grand Prix is big enough and important enough to warrant the services of a team that gives A1 Grand Prix its full attention."

No other team has yet been mooted as taking on the role of Arden when the series rolls around again in October at Zandvoort, but it is likely that Team GBR will be after the services of a team without prior interests in other championships.

"Arden are an extremely professional and very well managed team, but their involvement with both GP2 and the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team made for the occasional conflicts of interest, such as personnel allocation and A1 Team GBR management believes A1 Grand Prix should not be subordinated to other series.

"We had an option with Arden to sign up for Series Two, which we decided not to exercise."



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