A1 Team Lebanon driver Khalil Beschir openly admits to being a Michael Schumacher fan, and has moved quickly to defend his hero from what he believes is unjust criticism after his accident in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Speaking in a radio interview, Beschir got angry when asked for his opinion about the Monaco incident, and whether he thought his idol had 'cheated' his rivals out of a shot at pole for the toughest race on the Formula One schedule.

"I am sure Schumi doesn't cheat and doesn't need to park his car to get the pole," he retorted, "I am pretty sure he was not thinking to have the pole in Monaco, but it is normal to see this [reaction], because all these people who cannot be like him don't like him and wait for the smallest thing to attack him. I would like to know what would happen if Alonso did that? Would we see all this happening?

"I am not better then these drivers who attacked Schumacher, but I believe there is a limit of respect and I think they passed this limit with Michael. He answered them very well in the race, and showed them one more time he is the best driver out there."

Beschir was particularly angered by Jacques Villeneuve's comments on Saturday night.

"The funny thing is that everybody could get the pole last Saturday, and I was really laughing when I saw what Villeneuve said about the superlicence," he said, "With all respect to him, we saw what he has achieved in his career and what Michael has achieved, so perhaps it would be better for him to criticise other drivers and not a seven-time world champion. I don't remember Michael being fired from a team at any time, but Villeneuve? I do remember that...."

While certain 'experts' have cast renewed doubt on Schumacher's future motivation following the Monaco incident, Beschir believes that he will be back to his best from the next round at Silverstone.

"At least for me, Schumacher is still my idol and it is a big honour for me to follow in his steps and learn from him," he insisted, "I believe that he is bigger than all this, and his reply will always be on track."



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