Jos Verstappen continued to whet the appetite of thousands of Dutch fans ahead of the second A1 Grand Prix season in October with a demonstration run at the Assen circuit.

Although many will be flocking to the Netherlands other premier circuit, Zandvoort, for the season opener of the championship, Verstappen delighted thousands of his adoring fans with a display of spectacular driving typical of the former Formula One star.

With four-wheel racing rarely conducted on the Moto GP regular circuit, Verstappen duly broke the lap record with a time of 1min 32.184secs on the TT configuration of the circuit.

"The stands are packed and the weather is good. It's nice to be here. I never drove here before but I liked this circuit. This was another great opportunity to introduce A1 and A1 Team Netherlands to the Dutch fans.

"Maybe we could have gone a few seconds faster, now it was only two laps and you cannot do too much on improving the car setup."

The third leg of Verstappen's Dutch A1 GP promotional tour will see him drive his distinctively liveried car through the streets of Rotterdam.



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