He may not have a point to his name in the GP2 Series but Fairuz Fauzy was the man to beat in the first official pre-season test of the A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport at Silverstone, with Team Malaysia topping a 20-strong timesheet.

Converging on Silverstone for the first time since the final round of the inaugural season in China, the teams, minus Portugal, Russia, Japan, India and Austria, undertook two sessions of testing with Fauzy securing the fastest time of the day in the morning, while Canada claimed honours in the afternoon.

Reigning champions France returned to Silverstone with an unchanged line-up of Nicolas Lapierre and Alex Premat, the former driver proving the quicker of the two in the morning, trailing GP2 counterparts Fauzy by a tenth, albeit completing only half their laps.

Dutch fans awaiting the arrival of A1 GP to Zandvoort in October will be encouraged that Jos Verstappen was third fastest in the morning and then second fastest in the afternoon in the Team Holland car, while the USA and Lebanon gave a glimpse of their potential with the fourth and fifth fastest times with the promising Graham Rahal at the wheel of the latter entry.

Other notable performances includes Cheng Congfu in the Team China car, who claimed seventh fastest time in the afternoon, while Ananda Mikola in the Indonesian entry was also a top ten fixture in the second session, in eighth.

A second day of testing will take place Thursday, with more drivers set to take the seat of their respective cars.

Combined times from the morning and afternoon sessions

1. Malaysia 1min 10.507secs 1min 11.571secs 110 laps
2. France 1min 10.628secs 1min 11.059secs 68 laps
3. Canada 1min 12.059secs 1min 10.738secs 90 laps
4. Netherlands 1min 10.763secs 1min 10.821secs 82 laps
5. Germany 1min 11.431secs 1min 10.877secs 80 laps
6. USA 1min 11.019secs 1min 14.177secs 95 laps
7. New Zealand 1min 11.362secs 1min 11.054secs 97 laps
8. Lebanon 1min 11.159secs 1min 11.411secs 86 laps
9. Great Britain 1min 11.670secs 1min 11.246secs 90 laps
10. China 1min 11.463secs 1min 11.272secs 92 laps
11. Indonesia 1min 11.569secs 1min 11. 295secs 98 laps
12. Italy 1min 11.379secs 1min 11.712secs 124 laps
13. Switzerland 1min 11.978secs 1min 11.383secs 95 laps
14. South Africa 1min 11.552secs 1min 11.533secs 76 laps
15. Brazil 1min 12.418secs 1min 11.613secs 112 laps
16. Australia 1min 11.617secs 1min 12.168secs 105 laps
17. Czech Republic 1min 13.324secs 1min 11.689secs 92 laps
18. Pakistan 1min 12.627secs 1min 11.872secs 80 laps
19. Ireland 1min 12.085secs 1min 11.912secs 93 laps
20. Mexico No Time



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