Although five teams who began the inaugural A1 Grand Prix season were absent from the first official pre-season test at Silverstone, organisers took the opportunity to confirm that Turkey will be joining the grid come the first round at Zandvoort.

Although further countries, including Singapore and Nigeria, have been rumoured as announcing their involvement in the 'World Cup of Motorsport' soon, Turkey is the first to be officially confirmed, the team riding on a wave of support for motorsport in light of the country hosting its first grand prix in 2005.

Although details are scant, the Turkish team will have support from the national government, with Lodos Racing Inc overseeing the running of the squad with an outlook of emerging at the first round in October.

Drivers have yet to be announced but the obvious choice would seemingly be GP2 Series driver Jason Tahinci, who comes with significant backing from Turkish oil giant Petrol Ofisi, although he has yet to impress on the international stage so far. Former GP2 driver Can Artam could also be in the running.



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