Following on from Turkey's decision to enter the second A1 Grand Prix Championship a few weeks ago, Greece has become the latest country to announce they will be bolstering the grid for this season with an in-house, nationally run team.

Led by Stathis Basios and Dimitris Nafpliotis, Greece do not have a rich heritage in motorsport, with their most prominent driver arguably being German based DTM driver Alex Margaritis. Nonetheless, the team will be supported by three experienced drivers in the shape of Stelios Nousias, Takis Kaitatzis and Vasilis Papafilippou Nikos Zahos.

Thirteen mechanics will make up the team, five of whom are Greek, while the rest have transferred from other countries. Despite failing to appear for the pre-season test at Silverstone, Greece fully intend to make their debut at Zandvoort.



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