Team USA will have a secret weapon in its armoury when the new A1GP campaign kicks off next weekend in Zandvoort, in the shape of former CART champion and two-time Indy 500 winner Al Unser Jr.

The Albuquerque native drove the 550bhp 'We the People' machine for the first time in the big group test at Silverstone at the end of August, and said he was very excited by the challenge that lay ahead of him.

"I hooked up with Rick Weidinger who owns the Team USA franchise at Indy last year," he told, "and he invited me to come along and have a run and see what it was all about. I thought it would be a great idea."

The 44-year-old may be the oldest driver in the A1GP field by some margin, but his enthusiasm and passion for racing remain undimmed even after all these years and he set lap times at Silverstone that were highly respectable.

"We are still getting up to speed," he admitted. "I've still got to get used to the car. They're very impressive machines - they corner, accelerate and brake well - and it's an honour to represent the country.

"It was my first time at Silverstone too and it's definitely a tough track. There are certain corners that are blind and you have to get used to it and have a lot of confidence around it. I've learned an awful lot and I've really enjoyed the experience.

"It's a great series and we are definitely going to be a part of it. It's something we are keen to do and we are going to give it a go."

"I first met Al in 2004 and we spent the time at Indy getting re-acquainted with one another," added Weidinger. "The more I talked about A1GP the more interested he got. In the second week he said 'Rick, I want to do A1GP' and I said 'Al, you're in'.

"We think this motorsport product is the best one out there and Al is going to be very engaged with Team USA this year."



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