Michael Devaney was left frustrated with his disappointing day for the A1 Grand Prix season opener at Zandvoort, a technical problem in practice leaving Team Ireland playing catch-up throughout qualifying.

Hoping to continue the pace they showed in pre-season testing, a fuel pressure problem prevented Devaney from competing in the practice session prior to qualifying and despite improving throughout the four sessions to determine a grid slot, the Irishman was unable to do any better than 15th on the grid.

"There was not a lot I could do other than push as hard as possible and try and make a big step on each qualifying run," he said. "We managed to make some reasonable progress but it's clear that we'd have started with a much quicker car if we'd had the benefit of final practice. It's not the first time we have had a technical problem rob us of a practice session and I know the team works really hard to stop these things happening."

Technical director Andy Miller was also disappointed to be further down the grid that they had originally hoped, but was nonetheless looking at the weekend in a broader spectrum, hoping they can set themselves up for a better run in the feature race following the morning's sprint event.

"It is frustrating we lost the whole of the morning session and it is also clear that we were getting quicker and quicker during qualifying," he said. "There was more to come. This is a circuit that requires a lot of driver confidence to push to the utmost and nothing can substitute for doing as many laps as possible.

"I am still confident that we will have a good race car under Michael tomorrow and we just have to focus on having a good Sprint race in the morning and give ourselves a chance to score a decent result in the Feature event."



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