After some concerns that a layout and a venue could not be decided, the General Administration of Sports China has now announced where in Beijing the third round of the A1 Grand Prix Championship is to be held.

Included on the calendar alongside the penultimate round of the championship at the Shanghai International Circuit, the Beijing street race is an attempt to exploit the growing popularity of motorsport in China, although there were doubts it wouldn't go ahead after concerns about safety.

Nonetheless, a press conference confirmed the 3.08km concrete flanked layout will be held at the Jingkai Convention and Exhibition Centre in Beijing's Economic and Technological Development Zone and the streets surrounding the city's North East Ring Road.

Temporary grandstands for the race in November will have the ability to hold 25,000 spectators, while the Jingkai Convention and Exhibition Centre will house the pit garages.

The race in Beijing is intended to raise both funds and awareness for the upcoming Beijing Olympics in 2008, with a good show here expected to go a long way in proving they have the ability to host major sporting events.

Furthermore, A1 Team China have made an encouraging start to their season, with Congfu Cheng claiming a team best of fourth last time out at Brno, something they hope the youngster will be able to build on at their home round.



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