A1GP rules and regulations are set to undergo a radical shake-up in time for the next race in China, with the aim of improving the spectacle and making the format easier to understand.

The changes have come about following feedback from fans and consultation with the 23 teams involved. Starting in Beijing in little over a week's time, the grid for the 70-minute feature race will be determined by the finishing results of the earlier 20-minute sprint.

The winner of the sprint race will start the feature in pole position as in the 2005/06 season, simplifying the qualifying system and making the results more immediate to the fans in the grandstand.

Also in effect from Beijing will be a change to the eligibility of rookie drivers and the Friday format. The rookie session, to be held between 11am and midday with a ten-minute break in the middle, will now be open to drivers under the age of 28 or any driver from a developing motorsport nation.

The new regulations will allow drivers and countries with little motorsport experience to come to terms with the powerful 550bhp A1GP cars and challenging tracks, while the move to an earlier slot will allow teams more time to analyse performance in the sessions and optimise race set-up. The rookie session will be followed by the second official practice session open to all teams and drivers between 2pm and 3pm.



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