Aggregate qualifying times from the best two flying laps from four runs to determine the starting order for the first, sprint race for the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport first race meeting of the year at Brands Hatch.

1.Brazil 2min 30.789secs
2.New Zealand 2min 31.117secs
3.France 2min 31.206secs
4.Australia 2min 31.388secs
5.Great Britain 2min 31.714secs
6.Switzerland 2min 31.729secs
7.Mexico 2min 32.307secs
8.Pakistan 2min 32.596secs
9.Malaysia 2min 32.632secs
10.Japan 2min 32.689secs
11.Portugal 2min 32.705secs
12.Ireland 2min 32.811secs
13.Germany 2min 981secs
14.Netherlands 2min 33.075secs
15.South Africa 2min 33.086secs
16.Italy 2min 33.234secs
17.USA 2min 33.317secs
18.Indonesia 2min 33.424secs
19.India 2min 34.126secs
20.Czech Republic 2min 34.786secs
21.Canada 2min 36.656secs
22.Austria 2min 36.878secs
23.Lebanon 2min 37.104secs
24.China 2min 38.750secs
25.Russia 2min 41.303secs



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