Full times from the second practice session of the weekend for the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport third race meeting of the year at Estoril, Portugal.

1.France 5 laps 1min 52.037secs
2.Brazil 5 laps 1min 53.777secs
3.Portugal 11 laps 1min 53.895secs
4.Switzerland 5 laps 1min 53.930secs
5.USA 10 laps 1min 54.316secs
6.Czech Republic 7 laps 1min 54.973secs
7.Ireland 4 laps 1min 54.975secs
8.South Africa 6 laps 1min 55.091secs
9.Germany 5 laps 1min 55.483secs
10.Indonesia 2 laps 1min 55.610secs
11.Malaysia 2 laps 1min 56.084secs
12.Canada 7 laps 1min 56.264secs
13.Netherlands 10 laps 1min 56.424secs
14.Italy 8 laps 1min 56.518secs
15.Great Britain 5 laps1min 57.805secs
16.Austria 9 laps 1min 58.060secs
17.New Zealand 5 laps 1min 58.552secs
18.Mexico 2 laps 1min 58.808secs
19.Pakistan 6 laps 2min 00.332secs
20.India 8 laps 2min 00.695secs
21.Russia 5 laps 2min 01.074secs
22.China 10 laps 2min 02.105secs
23.Lebanon 3 laps 2min 02.622secs

Did not run Australia



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