Full race results from the A1 GP World Cup of Motorsport fourth race meeting of the year at Eastern Creek, Australia and the hour-long Feature race.

1.France 35 laps 1hr 00min 54.068secs
2.Great Britain 35 laps +2.479secs
3.Switzerland 35 laps +3.018secs
4.Netherlands 35 laps +3.525secs
5.Malaysia 35 laps +4.887secs
6.Australia 35 laps +5.431secs
7.Portugal 35 laps +6.002secs
8.New Zealand 35 laps +8.921secs
9.Brazil 35 laps +9.040secs
10.USA 35 laps +9.828secs
11.Pakistan 35 laps +10.942secs
12.Lebanon 11 laps +13.003
13.India 35 laps +14.275secs
14.Ireland 35 laps +32.072secs penalised 25 seconds for jump start

Did not finish
15.Canada 26 laps completed
16.Japan 25 laps completed
17.China 22 laps completed
18.Austria 17 laps completed
19.Czech Republic 17 laps completed
20.Russia 7 laps completed
21.Mexico 7 laps completed
22.Germany 7 laps completed
23.Italy 6 laps completed
24.South Africa 1 lap completed



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