Full race results from the Feature race of the seventh A1 Grand Prix at the Durban street circuit in South Africa, following a twenty-five second penalty for France for taking a drive-through penalty under a safety car period.

1. Netherlands Jos Verstappen 1hr 00min 46.099secs 40 laps
2. Switzerland Neel Jani 1hr 00min 47.873secs
3. Portugal Alvaro Parente 1hr 00min 48.064secs
4. New Zealand Matt Halliday 1hr 00min 50.451secs
5. South Africa Stephen Simpson 1hr 00min 55.532secs
6.Italy Max Busnelli 1hr 00min 56.834secs
7. Austria Mathias Lauda 1hr 01min 16.222secs
8.France Alex Premat 1hr 01min 23.316secs
9.Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr 1hr 01min 49.730secs
10. Canada Sean McIntosh 36 laps completed
11. Germany Timo Scheider 35 laps completed
12. China Tengyi Jiang 35 laps completed
13. Pakistan Enrico Toccacelo 31 laps completed
14. Mexico David Martinez 30 laps completed
15. Lebanon Basil Shaaban 27 laps completed
16.Malaysia Alex Yoong 25 laps completed
17. Ireland Ralph Firman 14 laps completed
18. India Armaan Ebrahim 10 laps completed
19.Indonesia Ananda Mikola 10 laps completed
20. Great BritainRobbie Kerr 9 laps completed
21. Czech Republic Tomas Enge 7 laps completed
22. Australia Will Davison 2 laps completed
23. USA Phil Giebler 2 laps completed



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