Happy New Year to you all!

We are now into the middle of January, where everyone is sorting out their racing programmes for the coming season. Formula One is starting to hot up, with the new cars coming out. Williams and McLaren are out testing already, which will help them for the year ahead, while the other teams will be launching their new cars any time now.

Testing is getting tighter because the budgets are completely out of control. It was interesting as I read a copy of Autosport magazine which had the headline '$200,000,000 to beat Ferrari' on the front cover. And that didn't include the other wealthy teams either. Shortly after seeing that, I watched a television programme about the island of Haiti, and the problems its people are facing. My first thought was that 'here we are, spending vast sums of money on F1 and no money can be found or solutions to help these people'.

Don't get me wrong, I love F1, but I am concerned about the amount of money being spent on the sport. The illusion of 'one' having to be viewed as being 'better' fuels a lot of institutions and sports. I think F1 has to have a rethink about the sport, and step out of the illusion it has created and create another environment that benefits all teams in F1, instead of a selected few.

On the personal front, I am busy talking to teams. My goal is to do American Le Mans Series and the new Le Mans Endurance series. Deals are late this year as money is tight, but I feel that, in a few weeks, everyone will know their programmes and everything will fall into place.

It will be interesting to see how the Le Mans Endurance series will be supported. The classic old 1000km races are back and, in the '80s, they was well supported.

The ALMS is still strong, and the battle in the GTS category will be hot. Corvette have Michelins this year and, after getting whipped in the last four races of last year, they will be out to do some whipping themselves this year. The new Saleen - with my mate Johnny Mowlem and Terry Borcheller driving - will also be strong and, if GTS has three or four Ferraris as well, it would be great to be part of that.

On a sad note, however, I see that the long-standing Brabham/Magnussen partnership will finally be split for the first time in while. Jan has 'defected' to Corvette to drive with the Ollies - or is that 'Wollies'? Sorry boys! The combination of Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta should be an awesome pairing, and I would say that the #4 'Vette will be the one to look out for this year.

I went to the Autosport Show last weekend to talk on stage, and it was very busy with race fans filling the halls. The show is a great event for the industry to show its stuff, and seems to get bigger every year.

Many thanks to both Autosport and Motorsport News for supporting the auction too. We had a small sale on the Saturday, and raised a couple of thousand pounds for some good causes. Thanks to Bill and Nick for putting it on.

As soon as I know if I will be working at the local supermarket or racing around the race tracks of the world, I will let you know....




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