I recently had a fantastic day at East Bridgwater School, talking to children from four schools of the Bridgwater Education Trust in Somerset. I run a free workshop at the Autosport International show each January and the session was very similar. It was a great opportunity to share the experiences I've had in my racing career and life with young people and motivate them to achieve great things in their lives.

It was very rewarding after the first young driver session I held at Autosport International. I had a young chap approach me the following year. He explained he couldn't make the new session, but that he'd done the previous workshop, listened to what I said and had his best ever year in karts. He had won a lot of races by using the principals I'd spoken about.

So even if I help just one person through my seminars, then that's fantastic.

We had a full-on day in Somerset with that morning session followed by another Brabham Performance Clinic presentation to around 100 delegates from SouthWest One - a partnership of Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council, and Avon and Somerset Police.

These are testing times for local councils, what with budget restrictions and making the right decisions about the future, so it was an interesting afternoon.

We have to make decisions quickly under pressure when we are racing and they have to be the right ones. Whoever has to make those types of pressured choices has to be in the right state of mind to come up with the right solutions. The things I talk about in my seminar reflect on how these issues can be dealt with.

I had a great response from people afterwards, who said the session served as a great reminder of what they are capable of doing.

The sessions I hold are a reminder for people to recognise we are a lot more capable of achieving more than we think we can. Particularly at a young age when you don't realise what you are capable of, where your future is headed or what you're going to do in life. It can be a bit scary, so I try to remind students that they have the power and the tools to create their experience.

It's all about working with the tools they have as a person and, the more they work with those tools, the more it will help them to become a master of their own destiny. But those are things we can take onboard at any age.

The area of Bridgwater faces some particular economic challenges in these trying times. I hope the type of talk I gave might help the students to get out of certain situations and change their future. I enjoy having that interaction with people; it's just part of who I am.

I've learnt a lot about myself, life and my racing, and how I view certain things to achieve what I want to achieve. I feel those things are relevant to everybody and I enjoy sharing what I've learned. The fact that I am able to talk to young people having achieved sporting success I suppose gives me a little bit of street cred. I'd rather be sharing because that helps me too. It's a different way of actually helping yourself.

If only one of the students takes onboard what I say and starts to change their lives, then I've done my job.



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