Type: LMP 900 ACO spec, sport-prototype car
Construction: Carbon composite monocoque, nose box, and bodywork
Drivetrain: Longitudinal rear engine, rear wheel drive

Length: 4650mm (183.7in.)
Width: 1998mm (78,7in.)
Height: 1060mm (41.5in.)
Front Track: 1630mm (63.9in.)
Rear Track: 1590mm (63.3in.)
Weight: 900kg (1984.5lbs)

Fuel Capacity: 90 litres
Gearbox: Xtrac six speed sequential
Clutch Type: Tilton carbon clutch
Suspension front and rear: Independent double wishbone suspensions, steel fabricated ventilated uprights, steel fabricated
shock absorbers; dynamic coil-over dampers, operated by push-rod, four-way adjustable in bump and rebound

Wheels: OZ centre-locked, one-piece forged magnesium
Size: 13.5in.x18in. front, 14.5in.x18in. rear
Tyres: Michelin Radial X
Size: 33x65x18 front, 36x71x18 rear
Brakes: Brembo six piston racing calipers front and rear; Carbone Industrie 380mm (15in.) carbon discs front with carbon pads; 355mm (14in.) carbon discs rear with carbon pads


Capacity: 6.0-litre, 90? V8
Construction: Aluminium alloy block, Mopar aluminium heads
Bore and stroke: 4.1in. x 3.3in. (104.1mm x 83.8mm)
Valve gear: 2 valves per cylinder, modified Mopar crankshaft; Pushrod valve actuation with T&D rocker arms
Pistons: CP Pistons, Carillo rods
Lubrication system: BDE oil pump with 1 pressure and 5 scavenge stages
Engine management: Bosch
Engine weight: 170kg (375lbs)


Height: 60.7cm (23.9in.)
Width: 59.7cm (23.5in.)
Length: 62.9cm (24.75in.)



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