American Spirit Racing president and owner Jon Lewis has today announced plans to enter two cars in the 2004 American Le Mans Series LMP675 category.

"After carefully reviewing the 2004 structuring of the LMP classes, I feel that the LMP675 class will provide us with a tremendous opportunity for a championship victory," stated Lewis.

"We learned an enormous amount this year in LMP900 and we feel that we are now ready to be a formidable contender in the 2004 championship. The ALMS is without a doubt the strongest and most stable road racing property in North America and I am dedicated to being part of it's bright future."

Exactly which drivers and cars American Spirit Racing will be campaigning will be announced at a later date. "I have been talking with several very talented drivers who are expressing a strong interest in our LMP675 programme for 2004," Lewis continued. "The number one priority is that this programme has to be focused on winning the Championship. This was a successful test year, but my sole commitment in 2004 is a championship win. Our drivers and cars will reflect that focus and it will be a premier programme that comes out of the box at Sebring with a bang!"

"There are many talented young drivers out there," added Lewis. "And I will continue talking with as many drivers who contact me. It would be incorrect for me to make a rash decision, so I will give it a little while before I decide who will make up our championship line up. I've already made the decision on the choice of car and engine, but will wait until we announce our drivers to unveil the entire package. I think everyone will be impressed with the new graphics theme and no it won't be white!"

When asked whether current American Spirit Racing drivers Michael Lewis and Tomy Drissi will be involved, Lewis replied: "Michael and Tomy have done a very impressive job this year and have proven that they can wield a prototype around the track with the best of them. I would love to see them return next season, however both Michael and Tomy's plans for 2004 remain uncertain at this time. They both have a long-standing relationship with, and sponsor associations in, Trans-Am and I think they are waiting to see how things pan out there before making any decisions for 2004."

The Riley & Scott MKIIIC currently being campaigned by American Spirit Racing has been sold to individuals who plan to run it in the 2004 ALMS. "I have recently sold the #12 car and the new owners will take possession of the car after Petit," said Lewis. "I am glad that it is going to a team that plans to run in the ALMS next year. I think you will see a good field of competitors in 2004. I will let them make their own announcements on their programme when it is best for them."

American Spirit Racing has not ruled out competing in LMP900 class as well. "For the past several months, we have been vigorously working on a strong programme with a new car and new sponsor for LMP900 in 2004," Jon further states, "But that is an entirely separate programme with lot's of exciting ingredients and will operate out of a completely different location. I can talk more about that after Petit."

Drivers who possess the true desire, dedication and talent to win the LMP675 championship in 2004 and are committed to the entire season, are urged to contact Jon Lewis at 239-540-4277 or via email at



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