With a helping hand from another team and some mechanical ingenuity, the Intersport team has miraculously effected repairs to the #37 Lola EX257-MG that was heavily damaged in a crash during Friday's American Le Mans Series qualifying session in Miami.

As a result of the effort, the car - already affectionately christened 'junkyard dog' because of its variety of bodywork - will race in the Grand Prix Americas event later today [Saturday], allowing drivers Jon Field and Duncan Dayton to continue fighting for the LMP 675 class championship.

The team was able to reassemble most of the car overnight, but had a serious problem with the car's radiator system due to a shortage of parts. Using ingenuity, team members fabricated some carbon-fibre pieces for the radiator assembly from its pit-board signage in order to fit and install a radiator loaned by JML Team Panoz, which also suffered accident damage on Friday.

"We really appreciate what the Panoz guys did to help us," said team manager Clint Field.



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