Terry Borcheller successfully completed the American Le Mans Series season with a solid finish in the 1000-mile Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, but later admitted that he was surprised to have done so.

The Phoenix-based driver combined with Shane Lewis and Darren Law to take a hard-earned seventh place in the competitive GT class with the #63 ACEMCO Motorsports Ferrari 360 Modena GT, having qualified tenth in class. Borcheller drove the first hour of the race, followed by Law and Lewis, and had to survive an aggressive event that drew eight full-course cautions before Borcheller was able to drive the final stint.

"At the beginning, they [the other competitors] were not driving like it was a thousand-mile race," Borcheller noted, "They were taking a lot of chances. We have to take chances because our car is down on power, so it was normal for us, but I was surprised to see the faster cars taking the chances they were taking."

In the final 15 minutes of the race, Borcheller narrowly avoided two crashes, dodging between a GTS and GT car that had made contact in the esses and then fighting to avoid hitting a prototype after sliding in oil from an engine failure in another GT car.

Borcheller had lost radio contact with his crew, so he mistakenly thought the second incident was a crash involving two GT cars.

"We had a relatively flawless run," he reported, "But, in the last 15 minutes of the race, I had two situations. One of the Prodrive cars got together with the J-3 car, and I was the only car that went through, squeezing between the wall and the Prodrive car that was stopped.

"Then, on the last lap, Boris [Said] blew his motor and [Randy] Pobst hit his oil and went straight off. I thought they'd hit each other. The number one Audi almost stopped and then I hit the oil. I came so close to running into the back of him! The last 15 minutes was very eventful for me."



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