Promoters of the nine races on the American Le Mans Series' 2004 schedule recently concluded two days of planning meetings at Chateau Elan near the series' headquarters in Braselton.

All nine venues on the schedule were represented at the meeting by either the track president or other officers/directors from the marketing and public relations areas, or combinations of all three.

"It was a very successful couple of days from both a business and personal relationship standpoint," said ALMS CEO Scott Atherton, "Our series has the best road racing venues and promoters in North America and getting all of that knowledge and experience together in one room is an outstanding benefit. It's immensely important that our event promoters are directly involved in the formation of plans, not only for 2004, but the entire future of the series.

"It's also important for the promoters to have time together away from the meeting to talk and exchange ideas, and I saw a lot of that happening."

The circuit representatives also agreed that the meetings had been beneficial to all sides.

"I've been to 15 or 20 of these meetings over the years for various series, and this was by far the best and most productive I've been in," said Sebring president Tres Stephenson.

"We all have to work together," explained Lime Rock Park's Skip Barber, "We're not in competition with each other, and anything we can do collectively to help the American Le Mans Series also helps us."

"It was a good meeting and the ALMS has come a long way in a short time," Road America president George Bruggentheis, currently in dispute with the CART series, added, "We all have a lot of hard work to do to make sure it keeps growing and improving."



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