A fuel shortage in the Atlanta area is not expected to have any effect on this weekend's Petit Le Mans event at Braselton, American Le Mans Series officials have said.

The AAA Auto Club has suggested that 'a total and complete resolution of the current gas shortage' affecting the south-east of the United States 'may take until Columbus Day', but expects that availability will continue to improve on a daily basis, and the ALMS expects a normal level of attendance at its flagship event as a result.

"While news reports have extensively reported concerns regarding the fuel supply in the Atlanta area, we do not anticipate this to have an effect on attendance for this weekend's Petit Le Mans," CEO Scott Atherton insists, "While fuel stations around Road Atlanta and surrounding areas have experienced some supply limitations, we know such instances have been sporadic in nature and should not alter the plans of those considering attendance at Petit Le Mans.

Recent news reports and statements from the governor's office indicate a steady increase in supply with expectations of being back to business as usual by Thursday or Friday of this week - great timing for us."

The shortage is not expected to have any effect on those competing in the ten-hour marathon and, according to Atherton, might even have a positive spin as the series moved towards a more environmentally-friendly future.

"Ironically, rather than a negative, we see this situation as a positive, especially considering the global attention that the debut of the Green Challenge has received," he said, referring to the new 'race within a race' at Road Atlanta, "This is an ideal opportunity for the series, as well as our teams and manufacturers, to show a worldwide audience that the alternative fuels and fuel-efficient technologies that are prevalent throughout our paddock, and transfer directly to showrooms and dealerships around the world.

"From a Green Challenge perspective, Atlanta's gas shortage couldn't be better timed... Our commitment to developing innovative, environmentally friendly advancements has never been stronger."



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