I am now getting ready for the next trip to the United States for the last round of the ALMS at one of the best places in the world - the Monterey Peninsula.

Laguna Seca is a great track and all the teams look forward to it as it is the best place to end the season.

The last race, at Petit Le Mans, didn't go according to plan, but sometimes races go like that. The result means that the championship is now over for the Patron Highcroft Racing team, but what a year it has been. We have won the same amount of races than the #7 Penske Porsche - and there is still one to go.

I would like to congratulate the Penske team for an outstanding year, both Timo and Romain drove very well and deserve this championship, as it takes a near perfect run to win an ALMS title - and we were not perfect.

Still, this year is only the Highcroft team's second of full-time racing and, when you consider who we are up against, the team can hold their heads up high with what we have already achieved.

I don't really feel a report on the Petit race is worthwhile, as we didn't get that far, but a mention about the way the team performed over the week should be made.

The guys were amazing, as they had to build a complete new car from the big accident at turn one in practice. They didn't panic, didn't complain and just got on with the job in a controlled way. I have said this before but, when you see teamwork like this in racing, there is something magical about it. Every team member focusing on one job without fuss has a magnetising effect on the people watching from the outside. This really shows how good this team really is.... awesome!

I now fly to Laguna, where the team is ready to go all out and win. My goal for the team this weekend is an overall pole, fastest race lap and an overall victory....!

Can't wait!


PS. A little quote... If life is getting you down, try and look at it a bit differently, it might just come good.



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