The Brabham family would like to absolutely and categorically state that the range of cars and accessories being publicised under the Brabham name at the Essen Motor Show 2008 and on global websites, has nothing to do with the Brabham family, or its long and respected motor racing heritage, in any way.

It is clear to us, as it must be to the whole world, what these people are trying to do. In our opinion, it is a clear case of using our name, our history and our success, without the backing of the Brabham family.

The following weblinks will show you some of the reasons for our concerns:

The 50th anniversary of Jack Brabham's first Formula One Championship crown is approaching in 2009.

In light of this announcement and the celebrations planned, we would respectfully request that in publishing press material from Veritas-Brabham, BMW Brabham or Brabham Racing, you understand that the Brabham family have no involvement nor endorse the products and services offered by the aforementioned companies and that no relationship should be implied in any story published.

Sir Jack & David Brabham



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