Having split with Porsche at the end of the 2008 campaign, Dyson Racing has announced a deal that will see it switch to Mazda-powered Lola Coupes in the LMP2 class of the 2009 American Le Mans Series.

Under a long-term partnership, Dyson will field two of the cars with sponsorship from the BP energy company, with the cars being powered by the two-litre turbo Mazda MZR engine prepared by AER.

"No other car company can match Mazda's breadth of motorsports involvement," team principal Rob Dyson said. "They are an ascendant car company and while other car companies are cutting back their on-track programs, Mazda is strengthening theirs, which highlights the depth of their commitment and dedication. Throughout all of our discussions, it has impressed us how closely their passion for the sport matches ours."

Dyson has run with a Lola-AER package in the past, and sporting director Chris Dyson said he was sure the team would be able to turn the new package into a race winner.

"We have enjoyed great success in the past with the Lola-AER combination," he said. "We know how to get race-winning speed from this package and our valued partner, Michelin, will be adding their competitive expertise. When you combine this experience with the enthused support of our new partners BP and Mazda, Dyson Racing has a very promising future.

"This is a long term commitment and we look forward to utilising Mazda's breadth of involvement in racing to build programs of driver training and team development. Our new facility is about to come on line shortly and will lend itself well to developing additional platforms in partnership with Mazda. It will be a good new year for Dyson Racing."

The team will begin testing of the new car before the end of the year, with drivers due to be announced for the programme in the near future.



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