The Ginetta G50 will continue to compete in the GT4 class of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship after series organisers SRO reversed a decision to move the car into the GT4 Supersport class for the new season.

The car had been moved into the new Supersport class for 2009, which would have seen it running on treaded tyres against the likes of the KTM X-Bow, but series boss Stephane Ratel used the end of season FIA awards ceremony in Monaco to announce that the decision had been reversed.

It means the G50 will once again be able to go up against cars like the Aston Martin N24 during 2009, while a Ford Mustang has also been entered for the new campaign.

"To continue in GT4 is obviously great news and it's where we wanted to be," Ginetta's managing director Richard Dean said. "GT4 is a fantastic category with respect to getting started in mixed-marque GT racing.

"Together with the Ginetta G20 and Ginetta Junior range, the G50 has raised the profile of Ginetta - a British sports car company regarded as a high volume sports car manufacturer now accepted in GT4 across Britain and Europe."

The G50 was the dominant car in GT4 in 2009, with Matt Nicoll-Jones and Stewrt Linn taking the class title for the IMS Motorsport team.