An exclusive interview with Tyco BMW's Christian Iddon as he reflects on a mixed 2016 campaign in the MCE British Superbike championship, why he feels last year will aid his charge for 2017 and the prospect of former World Superbike star Davide Giugliano as his new team-mate.
Hello Christian, so as expected you're staying put at Tyco BMW in 2017, how will that help for the new season?

Christian Iddon:
Yes, it was something I wanted to do from the start of the year anyway for that continuity as it was something I had not had for most of my short circuit road racing career. The lull we had in the middle of 2016 was nobody's fault so it never stopped me wanting to stay. I was really happy to get it tied up early too.

With the championship being so close I think it gives me a continuity which will make a big difference. We had a test after the Sunflower Trophy race and I am really excited with some of the things we have been developing for 2017 so I think some of the key points we need to work on are already underway.

It was an ideal time to start testing because I was fresh and we had a lot of things in the truck that we hadn't used and worked through it. It was interesting. It was also nice to go in with a zero pressure situation and no time constraints. Unlike being two weeks before the first round of BSB it was October. This winter they have been analysing all we have got through so now it should be good.
And in 2017 you are joined by former World Superbike star Davide Giugliano, what was your reaction to the news?

Christian Iddon:
Having Davide as a team-mate is good because he is very quick which is awesome. Whatever he can do I plan on doing it too and hopefully a bit better. He has very good outright pace which is something I personally struggled with a bit last year. I had very consistent lap times so if we were going endurance racing we'd be winning by miles but the races aren't quite long enough for me. I was struggling a bit in qualifying, so I am excited to see what Davide can do especially in terms of outright speed.

I'm also really excited as he has just come off one of our main competitors so I want to see where he thinks we are struggling, where we are strong and not so strong because I think that will be a key component to getting where we need to be.
So are you looking to build a solid partnership with Davide rather than just share the same garage?

Christian Iddon:
I'm always like that, I'd rather work with my team-mate. You've got 32 or however many it is riders on the grid you have got to beat so if you work with your team-mate to beat 30 of them then you have only got each other to beat after it. I would like to work with him as much as I can. I don't know him yet but I am looking forward to getting to know him and he seems as pleasant as pie.

With any team-mates I am sure we are going to have a run-in or two throughout the year and we'll see how that goes. You are better off working with your team-mate and as I said if it comes to it we can then start having a scrap.
You've had time to time and reflect on 2016 alone as well as with the team. How do you look back on last season?

Christian Iddon:
I am really disappointed with how the season went. I do take things to heart quite badly and I am my own worst critic. That mid-season was tough, really tough. We had such a strong start in every condition and then things came off the rails a bit because two things happened simultaneously.

We changed some components and at the same time I managed to chop my finger off! Don't worry it is fine now. You don't have to be far off for something to knock you a fair way back. We lost out so much in that middle part. Even when we got it back, like when we went to do a test at Kirkistown Circuit before Cadwell Park, I went back peaking that we were going to be back to where we were but it came down to circumstance and we weren't getting what we deserved. It was bizarre.

From the start of the year where we couldn't do anything wrong we went to the end of the year where we couldn't do anything right.

It was nice to finally put it back on the top of the box [two podiums at Donington Park and Brands Hatch]. It should have still been more because at Assen we were in the top two all weekend until race day and in Brands Hatch race two a genuine 50p part broke with a lap and a half to go. I don't believe in luck because I believe you make your own luck but certainly the last part of season we didn't get the run of what we deserved.

You learn from it though. It wasn't as if the team did anything wrong as all the evidence was showing that it was the right way to go even though it wasn't. It is hard to take when it is like that. To lead the championship and then finish goodness knows where [9th - sorry for the reminder Christian] it is horrendous.
So there is plenty of motivation to put it right in 2017?

Christian Iddon:
The best thing about it is we know as a group we have got it so it isn't like we have to find anything new because we know it is there but it is just bringing it out every weekend. Finding that consistency and we'll be good.
So, what's the plan before pre-season starts up?

Christian Iddon:
I'm not supposed to go to work now because of what happened with my finger. I've got an operation in Belgium, more of a tidy up than anything, then it is about getting my head in gear and getting prepared for the new season. Out on the motocross and trails bikes and have some fun!
Perfect, enjoy it and thanks very much for speaking to us.

Christian Iddon:
No problem, thanks very much.



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