Neil Hodgson will miss the second round of the British Superbike Championship held this weekend at Thruxton.

Hodgson suffered a heavy impact to his shoulder and has taken advice from his specialist to give the injury more time to heal.

Hodgson had made great improvements with his fitness and recovery from a badly damaged rotator cuff injury last year while training in America, but the crash at Brands injuring the same shoulder has set him back to point A and he has now had to start again.

"I am totally gutted, when you start the year you know you're probably going to have to take a few knocks and need a little luck to keep fit, but to crash and land directly on my dodgy shoulder is so frustrating," Hodgson said.

"I was not 100 per cent strong as the damage was pretty severe, but I had made great improvements and riding was the best therapy, we wanted to get through Brands and build on that.

"It's crap for Rob and the boy's and all our supporters as everyone has put so much into this year, all I can do is keep working on my fitness and try and get back as soon as possible."

Motorpoint Yamaha boss Rob Mac meanwhile is philosophical about the situation: "I feel sorry for Neil, he put so much into the winter build up, his testing went well and his fitness was nearly there, he has had a pretty tough time recovering from his accident last season but threw himself into the physio treatment and gym work," Mac added.

"We knew he was not quite there yet but were sure after a couple of rounds he would be closer to 100 per cent. This is bad news for our team; we have all the tools for the job this year apart from luck! Let's hope he can make a full recovery sooner than later."



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