WFR principal Myles Schofield says he is setting his targets high for the upcoming 2011 British Superbike EVO Championship, insisting the team isn't entering to merely make up the numbers.

WFR joins the BSB ranks in 2011 with an ambitious three rider line-up comprising of former BSB podium winners Glen Richards and Graeme Gowland, as well as upcoming talent Alex Lowes.

Consciously opting to enter the BSB sub-category in preparation for the series' possible adoption of the EVO rules next season, Schofield was thrilled to be bringing on board a mixture of youth and experience - even if it was only ever the intention to run a two-man team.

"We have been racing as WFR in the British GT and SPEED Series, but I wanted to bring WFR to two-wheels," he told "When we spoke to Stuart Higgs about our intentions, it was clear from what he was saying that EVO is the future for BSB, so we thought that if we came back into bikes, we would be building a full Superbike for one year only. So it was an easy decision to make.

"Glen Richards is a known quantity to us, so he made himself available. We spoke, set up a couple of meetings and we told him of our intentions. He was excited about our plans so we signed him early on.

"It was our intention to run a younger rider, someone to benefit from Glen's experience and had potential. So we started looking around and there were one or two people available, two of which were Graeme and Alex. Between myself, the main sponsor and those whose opinion I trust, we couldn't split them in terms of their history and place in their career.

"We were happy with both, so we looked at our resources and felt that we could manage running a three rider team and still deliver the level of services and quality for all three riders that we wanted for two."

With more than a month to go before the start of the 2011 season, the EVO category is already 13-strong, with accomplished competition in the shape of Simon Andrews on the PR Kawasaki and Barry Burrell on the Buildbase BMW amongst others.

Despite this, Schofield insists WFR is not only capable of winning the EVO title, but also getting well amongst the championship class.

"I think the EVO class for 2011 is a lot stronger than it was in 2010, even though the two big name riders - Brogan and Kennaugh - have moved on. The machinery is going to be a little more EVO and less Superstock, so the bikes are going to be better this year. There are some good riders that are going to be doing their best to win the EVO title too.

"Our aim is to be at the front of the EVO class. I am in motor racing to win. We aren't turning up to put on a nice show and do the best we can on limited budget to come home mid-field and think it's alright. The way I have put the team together, we are out to win and I won't be satisfied with any performance that is less than that.

"I don't really mind which one of my riders wins it. What I am looking for is a WFR rider to win the EVO race at every round and the other two to be on the podium. That is what I am aiming for and because I am setting my standards so high, I think we would like to see our bikes mixing it with the full Superbike class too."

WFR made its track debut at Silverstone this week, with further test outings planned before the BSB season starts on April 25th.



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