WFR Honda has announced that its star rider Alex Lowes has left the team following a failure to come to terms on a contract agreement.

The young Superbike rookie has stunned the British Superbike paddock during the opening three rounds this season, winning five of the six EVO races and getting his bike into the top five overall at Croft.

However, a statement from the team confirmed Lowes had been riding without a contract and subsequent negotiations to arrange one would ultimately fail.

"I am very disappointed that we have not been able to reach an agreement," revealed team manager Myles Schofield. "Contract terms are often viewed differently between those involved, and although we have done our best to explain what we feel is a fair and equitable agreement, it seems Alex is not able to commit. As such, we have today withdrawn our offer of the ride and Alex is now free to negotiate his own position.

"Alex is a very talented motorcycle racer with a bright future and I would like to thank him for his wonderful performances as a Team WFR rider. I wish we'd been able to help him realise his full potential both on track and commercially but these things don't always work out how you'd planned. I hope he finds a new path very soon and wish him all the success he deserves."

Though it isn't confirmed whether Lowes has arranged a deal elsewhere, possibly in the main championship class, it is no secret that rivals teams have shown an interest in him.

Despite Lowes's departure, WFR Honda are still well placed for the championship with Glen Richards currently second overall behind his team-mate. WFR, meanwhile, insist it will search for a third rider to join Richards and the currently-injured Graeme Gowland.



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