Stuart Easton says he is working hard towards a full racing return in 2012 as he continues his positive recovery from horrific injuries sustained on the North West 200.

The Scot suffered injuries to his pelvis, leg and hand after an unfortunate collision between himself and MSS Colchester Kawasaki team-mate Gary Mason during practice for the road race, Easton requiring surgery and a five-week hospital stay.

Three months on and Easton is continuing to astonish medical staff with his rate of progress having begun to walk without the use of crutches. Set to undergo another surgery to help his knee bend properly, Easton says he is hoping to begin intensive physiotherapy soon.

"I'm due back for an x-ray on 30th August and if the bone has healed well, as doctors have predicted it will, I'll undergo a small operation to shave some bone off the thigh to free a muscle which is sticking to it and preventing my right knee from bending fully. Once my 'knee bend' is fully back to normal the plan is to have intensive physio and build up my strength, energy and fitness levels.

"I'm feeling so much better now and my weight is climbing back steadily. Progress really has been ahead of schedule though my recuperation is extremely boring - there's only so much daytime TV you can watch! However I am enjoying watching Thomas the Tank Engine with two year old Finlay and spending valuable time with my wife Claire."

Regarding a potential return to action, Easton is keen to pick up where he left off in 2012 with the MSS Colchester Kawasaki team having scored three podiums in the six races before his accident.

With Paul Bird Motorsport having already offered a contract for next season, Easton is optimistic he will be back on track next season, but wants to ensure he is back to full fitness first.

"It's important just to be patient and keep positive and of course follow medical advice," he added. "In terms of 2012, the Kawasaki team have kept in touch and boss Nick Morgan has indicated that he would like to kick start our partnership again next year and undoubtedly I'm looking forward to getting back into top gear - once I've been given a clean bill of health!"


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