John Reynolds' double British Superbike victory last weekend almost never was - thanks to an advertising bureaucracy mix-up.

Reynolds' Reve Red Bull Ducati team managed to land additional sponsorship over the winter from the makers of Rizla cigarette papers, unwittingly putting themselves in a situation where either sponsor or television broadcasters were going to be unhappy.

According to Britain's Motorcycle News magazine, series organisers were, until just days before the race, all set to ban the team from racing with Rizla logos on their Ducati 996s, fearing that they would contravene the strict television guidelines regarding the promotion of tobacco, and smoking-related, products. Given the choice of allowing the bikes to run, or keep the television coverage, Reve - and Rizla - would have lost out.

In the end, however, it emerged that the product did not fall into either of the banned categories, allowing the bikes to race - and Reynolds to take his double triumph.



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