MSS Kawasaki rider Steve Allan made a welcome return to the top half of the time sheets when he slithered his ZX-9R Superstock machine to a tenth-placed finish in the 14-lap competition at Cadwell Park.

His Supersport team-mate Pete Jennings fell victim to the vagaries of the Great British climate when a 50/50 gamble on tyre choice failed to pay off. He did however manage to salvage some points from a potential disaster and thereby maintained his grip on the battle for third place in the championship with a brave 13th-placed finish.

Hazing rain during the races made things more than a little difficult for both competitors and tyre choice became a critical factor. Jennings outing was going well until the track became so wet that a restart was ordered.

"By the time the red flags came out I'd got up into sixth place and was feeling pretty comfortable," explains Jennings. "But then a couple of riders crashed just as it was decided to call everyone in and we had to make a decision on tyres. When I went out for the sighting lap I realised that we'd made the wrong choice. I was sliding all over the place and had no choice but to come in for a wet rear. This meant that I restarted the race well down on the rest of the field."

"I had to work really hard to get back up into points-scoring territory but I still managed it and although I'm disappointed, it could have been a lot worse - there were a lot of crashes and I'm glad that I wasn't one of them. Third place on the championship is still well within my grasp and I'm going to be going all out to make it mine in the final three rounds."

Steve Allan's final position of tenth came under scrutiny after it was alleged that he passed another rider under a yellow flag, although at the time of writing no official verdict had been reached.

"Cadwell's a serious circuit at the best of times and when it gets slippy it's really something else," explains Allan. "There was an accident two laps from the end that brought out the yellows but I'm pretty sure that I behaved myself. Whatever the verdict, there was some take and retake that would have cancelled out any advantage that I could have gained. If they knock me down to 11th it's not the end of the world because I intend to end the season with some good results and one point isn't going to make too much difference to my final standing. The MSS Kawasaki ZX-9R is working really well and if I can get a bit of luck I'm sure that I can end the season on a high. It's so tight in the points table at the moment that one good finish could jump me quite a few places. So that's what I'll be aiming to do at Oulton Park next week."

MSS Kawasaki is next in action at round 12 of the national championships at Oulton Park on 30 Aug -01 Sept 2002.

Results: Supersport Championship:

1. M. Laverty (Honda) 20:47.382; 2. S. Easton (Ducati) +4.375; 3. B. Wilson (Honda) +12.095; 4. E. Smith (Yamaha) +12.332; 5. K. Jennes (Yamaha) +14.176; 6. C. Ramsay (Suzuki) +15.966; 7. M. Davies (Kawasaki) +32.303; 8. S. Smart (Honda) +38.572; 9. J. Goodall (Suzuki) +40.360; 10. M. Layt (Suzuki) +40.876; 11. A. Redding (Kawasaki) +43.535; 12. J. Green (Yamaha) +49.634; 13. P. Jennings (MSS Kawasaki) +53.346; 14. L. Shand (Honda) 54.187; 15. M. Jarvis (Honda) +1:07.638

Performance Bikes Superstock Championship:

1. C. Burns (Suzuki) 21:41.161; 2. J. Crockford (Suzuki) +12.057; 3. D. Jefferies (Suzuki) +15.091; 4. K. Murphy (Suzuki) +15.133; 5. D. Hobbs (Suzuki) +16.737; 6. M. Llewellyn (Suzuki) +17.157; 7. J. Hobday (Suzuki) +18.364; 8. S. McMillan (Suzuki) +21.350; 9. T. Palmer (Suzuki) +26.957; 10. S. Allan (MSS Kawasaki) +45.548; 11. K. Falke (Suzuki) +46.226; 12. T. Hill (Yamaha) +52.882; 13. K. Jennes (Suzuki) +1:12.587; 14. K. Reilly (Yamaha) +1:14.533; 15. B. Sampson (Suzuki) 1:26.140

Points after round 11 - Supersport Championship:

1. Easton 203; 2. Smart 165; 3. Laverty 104; 4. Tunstall 91; 5. Jennings 90; 6. Goodall 85; 7. Wilson 82; 8. Andrews 80; 9. Bishop 61; 10. Ramsay 59

Performance Bikes Superstock Championship:

1. Jefferies 196; 2. Burns 175; 3. Crockford 158; 4. Murphy 109; 5. McCulloch 93; 5. Tinsley 74; 6. Brogan 72; 7. McMillan 63; 8. Palmer 57; 9. Hobday 54; 10. Johnson 43; 17= Allan 20



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