Round 11 of the British Supersport and Performance Bikes Superstock championships at Oulton Park turned out to be something of a mixed bag for MSS Kawasaki.

The team's Superstock entrant Steve Allan may have crashed out of his race after "one trick too many", but Pete Jennings' seventh-placed finish in the middleweight class was enough to maintain his hard-earned fourth place in the championship standings.

Jennings' result was even more creditable because it was achieved regardless of the fact that the Yorkshireman had struggled to get his Kawasaki ZX-6R ideally set-up for the challenging 2.77 mile Cheshire circuit.

"I just couldn't get rid of the front-end chatter that had been bothering me all weekend," explained Jennings. "We were also forced to take a gamble on the settings for the rear shock. The result was that I had work incredibly hard all the way through what was a very long race. To add insult to injury, I got a bad case of arm pump and could hardly move my clutch hand for at least half of the race. I'm nowhere near satisfied with the result but under the circumstances, it's not that bad."

Allan's premature exit from the Superstock race on lap eight was caused by sheer frustration. The talented Scot has been on a steep learning curve throughout this season but one thing that he has definitely figured out is how to carry an immense amount of corner speed on the ZX-9R.

Unfortunately for Allan, the Superstock grid is a very crowded one and packs of slower-cornering machines impeded his attempts to ride around them.

"A lot of the 1000cc bikes were just parking up in the corners and then gassing it back out," explained the Perth-born rider. "I must have spent seven laps dropping back to get a run up and then just getting boxed in when I caught them in the corners. It was really frustrating getting held up like that and I tried every trick in the book to get through them but in the end I tried one trick too many."



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