Michael Laverty says a suspected split hose was splashing water on to his visor which made the Tyco BMW rider believe it had started raining midway through race two at Silverstone, which was the reason why he slowed and dropped from first to sixth.

After producing an impressive season-opening victory in race one, Laverty had been in the middle of battling for the lead with Peter Hickman on lap eight until his pace rapidly fell away with the Northern Irish rider signalling a problem.

Despite his initial concerns Laverty pressed on but couldn't recover the time lost to the leaders and missed the opportunity of a first career double victory weekend.

Laverty explained after the race he was getting liquid on his visor and with clouds looming overhead assumed it was raining, as it had done earlier in the weekend, and duly slowed to signal to other riders about the hazardous conditions.

However, upon realising nobody else was slowing for rain it became apparent the liquid was coming from his Tyco BMW and on early inspection says it may have been a leaky hose.

"A little issue became a big issue whether it was a split hose or what but when you are traveling at nearly 200mph into Stowe and you get what you think is rain you are careful," Laverty said. "It was a pity. I was seeing rain but nobody else was! I put my hand up to let everyone else know it was raining but then nobody else cared.

"It would have been perfect if things went to plan in race two but some things you can't account for so we will figure out what the problem was and make sure it won't happen again. It is a bummer really because we knew we had enough to be at the front."

Laverty says he won't be too disheartened by the incident after having his theory approved that he believes Tyco BMW has the strongest all-round package compared to its rivals at this stage of the season.

"I'm really happy with where we are at the minute but it would have been nice to leave here leading the championship and take my first career double victory which I think we were capable of but it didn't work out."



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