MSS Kawasaki's guest rider for the 13th round of the Supersport Championship, Rob Frost, scorched to a fourth-placed start for Sunday's middleweight contest at Mallory Park.

The team's regular Supersport rider, Pete Jennings, struggled to get his number 44 bike set-up for the 1.37 mile circuit, but still managed to claim 11th place on the grid.

Superstock rider Steve Allan put in his best qualifying performance of the year so far and earned a ninth place from the litre-class grid.

Clear track was always going to be at a premium in qualifying, when up to 30 bikes were lapping Mallory's extremely short circuit at any one time. Frost and Jennings both found it difficult to negotiate the traffic and get enough space to put in a fast lap.

Despite only missing out on pole position by one hundredth of a second, Frost was not entirely satisfied with his final grid position: "I came here to get pole," said the World Supersport rider. "The MSS Kawasaki is more than up to the job, but I just kept getting held up every time I was on a good lap. I know that I can still win the race, but it would have been nice to have started at the front."

The level of on-track congestion was not the only issue that Pete Jennings was forced to work around.

"I was taking it fairly easy into Gerrards so that I could keep a really tight line," he explained. "When I took the faster line and let the bike drift out, I hit bumps in the track and the back started chattering all over the place. Then, more often than not, when I did get a good drive out of Gerrards, the rider in front would pull over so that they could get a tow off me on the way up to the Esses. This shouldn't happen in the race, but I've still got quite a lot of work to do if I want to get up at the front with Frosty."

Meanwhile, Steve Allan's qualifying performance turned out to be his best of the season so far. The likeable Scot remained free of the misfortune that has plagued him at almost every round of the championship and was therefore able to demonstrate his own capabilities, along with those of the MSS Performance-prepared Kawasaki ZX-9R.

"I felt really good out there," said Allan. "The bike's the best that it's ever been and it's working really well around this circuit. The only problem I'm having is that I was getting some huge slides when I tried to get any more power down on the way out of Gerrards. I'm going in really fast, but if we take a bit off the forks, I reckon I could go in even harder. I was less than 0.03secs off the second row and I've done some mileage on my Dunlop race tyres, which are spot-on, so I'm looking forward to a very good race tomorrow."

Final grid/qualifying times: Supersport Championship: 1. S. Andrews (Honda) 49.306; 2. S. Easton (Ducati) +0.022; 3. M. Laverty (Honda) +0.109; 4. R. Frost (MSS Kawasaki) +0.131; 5. S. Smart (Honda) +0.179; 6. J. Goodall (Suzuki) +0.447; 7. D. Beaumont (Yamaha) +0.473; 8. J. Buckingham (Yamaha) +0.520; 9. T. Tunstall (Suzuki) +0.699; 10. B. Wilson (Honda) +0.712; 11. P. Jennings (MSS Kawasaki) +0.743

Performance Bikes Superstock Championship: 1. C. Burns (Suzuki) 48.674; 2. J. Crockford (Suzuki) +0.022; 3. D. Jefferies (Suzuki) +0.026; 4. J. Morley (Suzuki) +0.465; 5. K. Murphy (Suzuki) +0.532; 6. A. Tinsley (Suzuki) +0.859; 7. M. Llewellyn (Suzuki) +0.949; 8. S. Thompson (Suzuki) +0.982; 9. S. Allan (MSS Kawasaki) +1.010; 10. D. Beaumont (Suzuki) +1.026



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