The penultimate round of the Supersport and Performance Bikes Superstock championships proved to be both eventful and rewarding for MSS Kawasaki.

The team's guest rider, Rob Frost, may have been forced to retire while leading the Supersport race, but Pete Jennings remained in contention and rode incredibly well to bring the other MSS Kawasaki ZX-6R home in fourth place.

Steve Allan completed a great day aboard the green machines by finishing sixth in the Superstock race - his best result of the season so far.

In a race that saw Stuart Easton clinch the Supersport championship title with one round to go, Jennings' fantastic finish was all the more impressive considering that a bad start initially dropped him down to 14th place. However, a combination of hard riding, immense corner speed and the power of his MSS Kawasaki ZX-6R allowed the 28-year-old Yorkshireman to make up ten places before the chequered flag.

"My clutch was sticking a little bit, so I didn't get a clean start," explained Jennings. "During the first few laps I was thinking 'no rostrum for me this weekend', but by halfway through the race I knew that I was in with a chance. The team had been telling me all weekend that I could do 49-second laps and it looks like they were right because I did them all through the race. If I'd got a better start, I would have made it onto the podium but the with the way that we've got the MSS Kawasaki feeling now, I've got every chance of doing that at Donington."

Before his #66 machine fell victim to the team's first mechanical failure of the year, Rob Frost had quickly worked his way to the front of the race, set the fastest lap and was looking like odds-on favourite for the win.

"I'm gutted," stated Frost. "I had that one in the bag, no problem at all. I'd been getting incredible drive out of Gerrards for the first few laps but when I got barged out of the way by Easton, I knew something was up. The MSS Kawasakis have been incredible all weekend and I've really enjoyed riding them. It was just bad luck that this one gave up the ghost when I was going so well."

Steve Allan also rode an incredible race, battling his way up from tenth to fourth place by the end of the sixth lap. When David Jefferies highsided at the Esses, the MSS Kawasaki rider found himself on course for a podium finish but could not quite get the power down hard enough to maintain this excellent position.

"I'm really pleased with sixth place," said Allan. "I'd have liked to have stayed in the hunt for the podium but I was riding so hard that I was even backing it in at Gerrards! I had some massive slides and made a couple of mistakes at the Esses, but other than that everything was perfect. I never used to like Mallory, but today's given me cause to rethink my stance."

MSS Kawasaki is next in action at the final round of the championships at Donington on 28-29 September 2002.


Supersport: 1. M. Lavery (Honda) 22:19.168; 2. S. Andrews (Honda) +0.0559; 3. S. Easton (Ducati) +1.455; 4. P. Jennings (MSS Kawasaki) +7.115; 5. J. Buckingham (Yamaha) +7.485; 6. B. Wilson (Honda) +7.552; 7. D. Beaumont (Yamaha) +8.260; 8. G. Haslam (Honda) +8.374; 9. T. Tunstall (Suzuki) 9.689; 10. C. McLelland (Suzuki) +14.279; R. Frost (MSS Kawasaki) DNF.

Superstock: 1. J. Crockford (Suzuki) 18.58.767; 2. C. Burns (Suzuki) +0.400; 3. J. Morley (Suzuki) +10.684; 4. K. Murphy (Suzuki) +11.412; 5. A. Tinsley (Suzuki) +15.871; 6. S. Allan (MSS Kawasaki) +16.151; 7. M. Laverty (Suzuki) 22.158; 8. S. Andrews (Honda) +15.213; 9. S. McMillan (Suzuki) +27.856; 10. T. Hill (Yamaha) +31.211.

Points after round 13:

Supersport: 1. Easton (Champion) 244; 2. Smart 181; 3. Laverty 149; 4. Jennings 113; 5. Tunstall 104; 6=. Wilson 100; 6=. Andrews 100; 8. Goodall 98; 9. Ramsay 75; 10. Bishop 61.

Superstock: 1. Jefferies 221; 1=. Burns 211; 3. Crockford 203; 4. Murphy 131; 5. Tinsley 96; 6. McCulloch 93; 7. Brogan 82; 8. McMillan 77; 9. Hobday 59; 10. Palmer 57; 17. Allan 29.



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