MotoGP superstar Max Biaggi says 80% of racing is in the mind, and there's no doubt that the way a racer thinks has a big impact on their results.

To help the ACU Academy road racers achieve the perfect mental approach they enlisted the help of bike racings top Sports Psychologist, Ashley Scott.

Scott has worked extensively with the entire Academy riders for three years, with some impressive results. One of his most enthusiastic students was Factory BMW racer Barry Burrell.

"Just a few minutes with Ashley before a race makes all the difference - I mean nearly a second a lap," exclaimed Barry. "I only wish I know how he did it!"

Indeed, BMW team manager Mark Fisher was so impressed by Ashley and the results he has achieved with the Academy riders that he has enrolled Burrell's BMW team mates Richard Cooper and Matt Layte on the seminar.

The most recent session for the second year riders focussed on goal setting skills, helping the boys to thing about and decide upon a number of short, medium and long term racing goals. Scott encouraged the boys to make these goals both specific and achievable.

Each of the riders then made a large board with pictures and colours to highlight what he wanted to achieve [pictured]. These were than taken home by the boys to act as prompts and help them measure their achievements.

This seminar will be repeated with Trials, Motocross and Grass Track Academy members later in the year.



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