British Supersport outfit Red Piranha Racing has announced a new sponsorship deal with Joe Grooming, suppliers of male hair care products, for the 2003 season.

"Motorcycle racing conjures images of speed, youthfulness, courage and dynamism which is exactly where we want to position ourselves," commented Joe Grooming spokesperson Shirley Dunmall. "Joe Grooming see its association with Red Piranha Racing as the ideal partnership and rider Simon Andrews has the perfect profile, enabling us to further establish and promote the Joe Grooming brand."

"Red Piranha Racing and Simon will be incorporated into various other campaigns we have planned throughout the UK and Europe," added Dunmall. "The association with Red Piranha Racing gives us an opportunity to do something really different and fresh in our industry and we are very excited about it. "

"This partnership is important not only to the team but to the sport in general," claimed RPR commercial manager Stuart Williams. "Joe Grooming will be actively taking motorcycle racing to a completely untapped market and this can only enhance the credibility and stature of the British Superbike Championship."

Red Piranha Racing will be an official Yamaha UK outfit in this year's British Supersport Championship.