Michael Rutter [Renegade] takes the first 'Dunlop Super 12 pole' at Silverstone; Shane Byrne [Monster Mob] is second; Yukio Kagayama [Rizla] third; Steve Hislop [Virgin Mobile] fourth and Glen Richards [Hawk] completes the top five.

Leading times - Dunlop Super 12 / starting line-up - Silverstone International:

1. Michael Rutter Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 26.235s
2. Shane Byrne Monster Mob Ducati 1m 26.496s +0.261s
3. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki Suzuki 1m 26.567s +0.332s
4. Steve Hislop Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha 1m 26.735s +0.500s
5. Glen Richards Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 26.910s +0.675s
6. John Crawford ETI Racing Ducati 1m 27.657s +1.422s
7. Gary Mason Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha 1m 27.805s +1.570s
8. Steve Plater Honda Racing Honda 1m 28.295s +2.060s
9. Jon Kirkham Appleyard Yamaha Yamaha 1m 28.538s +2.303s
10. Dean Ellison D & B Ducati Ducati 1m 28.643s +2.408s
11. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 28.762s +2.527s
12. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki Suzuki 8m 24.657s +6m 58.422s

Non Dunlop Super 12 riders:

13. Lee Jackson Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 28.964s
14. Dean Thomas Appleyard Yamaha Yamaha 1m 29.033s
15. Sean Emmett Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 29.251s
16. Paul Jones TCD Suzuki Suzuki 1m 31.663s
17. Nick Medd Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 32.306s

Weather / track conditions: Bright / dry.



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