Michael Rutter [Renegade] wins race two at Silverstone; Shane Byrne [Monster Mob] is second; Glen Richards [Hawk] third; Yukio Kagayama [Rizla] fourth and Steve Hislop [Virgin Mobile] completes the top five.

Race 2 result - Silverstone International:

1. Michael Rutter Renegade Ducati Ducati 32m 21.299s 22 laps
2. Shane Byrne Monster Mob Ducati +1.165s
3. Glen Richards Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki +14.952s
4. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki Suzuki +19.505s
5. Steve Hislop Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha +20.031s
6. John Crawford ETI Racing Ducati +35.801s
7. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki +37.732s
8. Gary Mason Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha +38.911s
9. Dean Thomas Appleyard Yamaha Yamaha +41.119s
10. Steve Plater Honda Racing Honda +51.533s
11. Lee Jackson Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki +54.158s
12. Paul Jones TCD Suzuki Suzuki +1 lap

Not classfied:

DNF. Sean Emmett Renegade Ducati Ducati 9 laps completed
DNF. Dean Ellison D & B Ducati Ducati 3 laps completed
DNF. Jon Kirkham Appleyard Yamaha Yamaha 1 lap completed

DNS. Nick Medd Renegade Ducati Ducati
DNS. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki Suzuki

Fastest Lap:

Michael Rutter Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 27.435s 22 laps

Weather / track conditions: Sunny / dry.



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