After a daring overtaking manoeuvre at the chicane at the end of lap eight, Michael Rutter rode to a comfortable win from first race winner Shane Bryne at Silverstone today.

Byrne had got off to a good start on the MonsterMob Ducati and looked to be making off into the distance. Rutter however soon closed the gap of the early laps and was soon dicing with his former team-mate. Looking like he would bide his time in getting past Bryne, Rutter surprised all observers, and particularly Byrne by at forceful pass through the chicane at the end of lap eight.

Bryne then kept Rutter honest for a number of laps before falling back and into the clutches of Japanese rider Yukio Kagayama on the Rizla Suzuki. As Rutter increased his lead up front the threat to Bryne from Kagayama disappeared off the track as the Rizla Suzuki rider overcooked it into Becketts on lap 14.

Yukio rejoined the field and soon became embroiled in a battle with reigning champion Steve Hislop for fourth place. Despite a dramatic attempt to go round the outside at Bridge on the final lap, it was a battle that the Japanese rider was ultimately to win. Hislop had earlier overcooked it at the hairpin on lap eight and was having a fight back through the field, and seemingly dicing for every position. It didn't look like the best of performances from the reigning champ who was missing apexes on more than one occasion on his return to Yamaha power.

Trailing Rutter and Bryne at the top of the field was a very lonely Glen Richards on the Hawk Kawasaki, who finished the race in a comfortable, and distant, third place. Renegade Ducati rider Sean Emmett was once more unlucky not to finish the race, leaving the race on lap 9. "Hopefully it's the bad weekend I'm going to have for the year," Emmett said in the pits afterwards.

Speaking after the race winner Rutter said, "Shakey was dead smooth but Kagayama was catching so I got my head down and got on with it. Shane 'Shakey' Brynes was happy to lend the day with the points lead in the championship. "I've got good points and I'm happy," he said at the end of the race. Explaining why he died away in the final laps, Bryne explains "I struggled with grip and got held up by one of the backmarkers."

Kawasaki's Glen Richards was happy to end the day with two third places. "The new bike's just fantastic," he said. "Thankfully Yagayama fell off [the track] so here I am on the podium.

Top ten
1. Rutter
2. Bryne
3. Richards
4. Kagayama
5. Hislop
6. Crawford
7. Smart
8. Mason
9. Thomas
10. Plater



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