Reigning British Superbike team champions Renegade Ducati will ride into Leeds on 24th June as guests of honour at the official opening of a new Travelodge, with local residents invited to join in and meet the champs.

The official opening ceremony at the new lodge, located just off the A36 Selby Road on Styal Hill Way, will be under starter's orders from midday on Tuesday 24th June.

Ducati team members Michael Rutter, Sean Emmett, Nick Medd and Leon Haslam will be on hand to meet guests and sign autographs.

The team will also be releasing 235 balloons to mark the 235th Travelodge (sponsors of the Renegade team) across the UK and Ireland.

Each balloon will have a tag attached, which when returned enters each person into a prize draw to win two nights at a Travelodge. ?10 will also be donated to the British Paralympic Association for each tag returned.

"We are delighted that Team Renegade Ducati is taking time out from their busy racing schedule to be with us on this important day," said Jane Keenan, Travelodge Marketing Manager. "We very much hope that local residents will be able to come along to join in the fun and meet the members of the team."