Steve Plater [Honda] sets the pace in the morning warm-up at Brands; John Reynolds [Rizla] is second; Shane Byrne [Monstermob] third; Gary Mason [Virgin Mobile] fourth and Lee Jackson [Hawk] completes the top five.

Leading times - Warm-up - Brands Hatch:

1. Steve Plater Honda Racing Honda 1m 38.590s
2. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki Suzuki 1m 39.239s
3. Shane Byrne Monstermob Ducati Ducati 1m 39.305s
4. Gary Mason Virgin Mobile Yamaha 1m 39.554s
5. Lee Jackson Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 40.304s
6. John McGuinness ETI Racing Ducati 1m 40.529s
7. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 40.660s
8. Steve Hislop Virgin Mobile Yamaha 1m 41.114s
9. Glen Richards Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki 1m 41.343s
10. John Crawford ETI Racing Ducati 1m 41.667s
11. Paul Young TDB Recruit/Appleyard Yamaha 1m 41.991s
12. Sam Corke Corke Racing Yamaha 1m 42.010s
13. Nick Medd Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 43.123s
14. Michael Rutter Renegade Ducati Ducati 1m 43.154s
15. Dave Wood Dave Wood Racing Suzuki 1m 43.155s
16. Malcolm Ashley MAR/Bikerden Racing Ducati 1m 43.571s
17. Howie Mainwaring Bill Smith Motors Yamaha 1m 44.227s
18. Jon Kirkham TDB Recruit/Appleyard Yamaha 1m 44.855s
19. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki Suzuki 1m 45.557s
20. Dennis Hobbs Hobbs Racing Suzuki 1m 45.600s
21. Ben Mossey Oris Racing Suzuki 1m 45.868s
22. Francis Williamson Hanson Brick Racing Yamaha 1m 46.318s
23. Nigel Arnold PDM Racing Suzuki 1m 46.392s
24. James Buckingham Buckingham Racing Suzuki 1m 47.463s
25. Gordon Blackley PR Racing Honda 1m 47.736s
26. Jeremy Goodall ZGT Motorcycles Yamaha 1m 47.737s
27. Paul Jones Travel City Direct Suzuki 1m 49.683s
28. Adam Hitchcox Suzuki 1m 50.242s
29. Mike Walker Mike Walker Racing Yamaha 1m 52.618s
30. John Nisill John Nisill Racing Suzuki 1m 57.436s

Sean Emmett Renegade Ducati Ducati Did not set a time

Weather / track conditions: Cloudy / wet.



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