The D&B Ducati British Superbike team will re-launch in style this weekend under the new banner of Firepower Ducati, with rider Dean Ellison taking on the world with a wild-card ride at Brands Hatch.

Ellsion and the team had been forced to sit out the last two British Superbike rounds at Rockingham Motor Speedway and Mondello Park, before securing Firepower backing.

"It's a riders worse nightmare having to sit back while the others race and it's a very hard thing mentally to deal with," admiteed Elliosn. "I've been doing some commentary with Fred Clarke but it's just not the same, nothing brings you the same adrenaline rush as sitting on the grid waiting for that green light. It's made me super keen to get back out there and race again.

"We've done 160 miles of testing on the bike since bolting in the new engines from Italy and so far everything is going according to plan. It's great to get a company like Firepower on board and the whole team are motivated to get out there and prove a point," he added.

Firepower produce a fuel pill 'with multiple benefits for all types of vehicles, regardless of whether they are petrol and diesel'.

So Dean, tell us about your new title sponsor's product ? Warning! Incoming PR attack...

"I've tested the different pills in my car and the motocrosser I use for training and it's feels like I'm driving a new model in both instances, I'm getting more miles to the gallon, increased power delivery and it's saving me a fortune on fuel costs. I can't believe what a difference a small pill in the tank can achieve. I'd thoroughly recommend it. Most of the team have tested it too and we've all experienced similar results," said Ellsion in full sponsor friendly mode.

Ellison will be riding this weekend with the #89 on the new look Silver and Black Ducati.



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