Triumph ValMoto's Craig Jones finished an incident-packed eleventh round of the British Supersport Championship in a very creditable eighth place today at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

However, his team-mate Jim Moodie was not so lucky - exiting the race on lap two courtesy of a terminal front end slide. MonsterMob rider Stuart Easton inherited the win after Karl Harris also lost the front at Druids Hairpin and crashed, taking second placed Michael Laverty in the process.

Although encouraging, Jones' result did not do justice to his performance. He remained consistently quick throughout the 28-lap race and was even able to get within one tenth of a second of his best qualifying time on more than one occasion on race tyres.

After a getting a good start from 15th on the grid, he powered his way up to a peak position of seventh but soon found that he was struggling for grip. Despite his best efforts he was unable hold off the attack of Kim Ashkenazi and Shane Norval but did exceptionally well to maintain eighth position until the chequered flag.

"My tyre went off after about five or six laps," explained Jones. "I had some real big slides at the start, but nothing to worry about. Initial grip was good but when I tried to make up some ground the rear started spinning up everywhere and I couldn't maintain the pace. I put in some decent lap times and if I'd had a bit more grip, I reckon I could have done a lot better. However, my championship position is more secure now and I could still pick up a few places at the final round."

After testing the limits of his Triumph ValMoto Daytona throughout practice and qualifying, Jim Moodie was denied the opportunity of reaping the rewards of his hard work. First, he was forced off the track when Jamie Robinson and Rob Frost collided on the way through Graham Hill bend on lap one but the Triumph ValMoto rider's quick reactions enabled him to stay on the bike and rejoin the race at the back of the field. Undeterred, he set off in pursuit of the pack, only to slide off his bike at Druids Hairpin one lap later.

"I'd been carrying masses of corner speed in Druids all weekend," said Moodie. "I knew I was pushing the front every time, but I was picking it up on my knee and driving it out on the throttle. After getting punted off the track, I knew that I had a lot of work to do to catch them back up and I guess I just pushed too hard."

Triumph ValMoto is next in action at the final round of the 2003 British Supersport Championship at Donington Park on 26-28 September.



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