Rizla Suzuki riders' John Reynolds and Yukio Kagayama will both be spending time Christmas and the New Year at home with their families - and enjoying their last break before going back to race diets and strict training regimes, to prepare for the start of the 2004 BSB season in March.

"Christmas is a great time of the year and the last chance for me to have a real good party and let my hair down," explained JR. "From when the race season finishes until the New Year, I generally eat and drink what I like, but I know that on January 1st, it's back to the gym and living the good life to get myself fit for the coming race season.

"Saying that, sometimes I think Christmas shopping is almost as competitive as lining up on a start grid in a Superbike race. You really have to stand your ground in the queues and there's quite a bit of elbow bashing with fellow shoppers," he smiled. "I laugh at the blokes standing outside the shops looking bored stiff, until I realise I probably look exactly the same. I can't understand women, they love all the shopping and they are definitely from a different planet.

"Looking forward to the racing, there's only one ambition for me and that's to win the Championship in 2004. That's going to be my New Year's resolution and I'm confident that we have the bike to beat, so I'm pretty relaxed at the moment."

Kagayama is at home in Japan recovering from the broken pelvis he sustained at Cadwell Park in August. Last weekend he was released from hospital to go home, a milestone in his rehabilitation.

"It is so good to get home with my family and no longer be living in a hospital," he said. "My wife Kiyomi is now very pregnant so I think we have planned it right, I will be better and ready to help her when she goes into hospital to give birth next year.

"Happy Christmas and New Year to my fans and I will see you all soon when I come back to England to fight for the British Superbike Championship. Thank you all for your support in 2003."

"Thanks to all our team partners, sponsors and fans for all their support in 2003. Have a great Christmas and New Year and we'll see you all at the race tracks in 2004," added team manager Paul Denning.



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